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We want to help you!

Take a look at the resources our foundation and this community provide to support you!


LAF School Grant

In conjunction with April, autism awareness month, the foundation supports those who are working in the educational setting to better support students with disabilities. The foundation funds schools in the La Crosse County through grants. 

LAF Autism Fund Application


If you are a family or individual looking for financial assistance, please complete the form in the link below.

Partner With Us


We love to connect with local businesses, colleges, etc. to collaborate on events and to spread the news about support for the autism community here in La Crosse! Let us know if you have events or ways that you support the autism community!

Community Resources

Collaborating with our Community

"The La Crosse Autism Foundation is an exceptional organization and has been gracious in assisting our family. Our son, at the time of his diagnosis was non-communitive which was very frustrating for him, as well as us as parents. The La Crosse Autism Foundation kindly donated the funds to purchase an application on an electronic device to assist him with communicating through the use of pictures, these specific applications are very expensive. Our son immediately used the application and it promoted his language development significantly. He is now 8 years old and fully verbal. This gift not only relieved distress as parents but most importantly gave our son his voice. We are forever thankful to the La Crosse Autism Foundation and all they do for the community."

~ Amber and Nate Davis

Support the La Crosse Area Autism Community!

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